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These are the Stars

I was raised in a family where gratitude for the United States of America and service to this country were taught by example. As a young girl, I recall my Grandma Butterfield displaying her love of this land through pictures, stories, and supporting soldiers, including those very dear to her. Her husband, my Grandpa Butterfield, was drafted to serve in WWI, five months after their marriage. On Thanksgiving Day 1918, while stationed near Flander’s Field, Belgium, Grandpa received notice that he was a father. His son, my father, had been born three months before the happy news made its way across the battlefield.My grandparents were blessed with eight sons, four of whom served in WWII. Herbert, their second son made the ultimate sacrifice while aiding injured soldiers as a medic in France. Although medics were off limits to opposing forces, Herbert was captured and taken as a prisoner of war. Hope for his safe return was shattered when his remains were found.My father continued his service to our country through the Utah National Guard. This included deployment to Korea, which required leaving behind my mother and my three older siblings. After years of service, my father retired with the rank of Colonel in the United States Army Reserve.My brothers, father-in-law, and several brothers-in-law are included in those whom I consider heroes for their service in defending the United States of America. May this song encourage you to honor those who have served and are presently serving our country. 

I offer the sheet music and recordings for your noncommercial use. If you use this song to celebrate our country, I would love to hear from you!

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