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About Robyn

Robyn Buttars is an award-winning writer.
Her work includes novels, stories for
children, poetry, and music. She lives in
northern Utah on the Butter-Dell Dairy,
a five-generational farm started by Daniel
and Maggie Buttars over 100 years ago.
She and her husband, Kent, raised their six
children on the family farm, and now enjoy
sharing their agricultural traditions with
their grandchildren. Robyn loves
spending time with family and friends,
traveling, and reading. Inspiration for a
new creative project makes her day; being
able to complete the project and share it
with others is a special gift.

#13 Tidbits About Robyn


1. I was raised in the beautiful, friendly city of Logan, Utah.


2. In my elementary school play, I was the Statue of Liberty.

3. I ate more Spudnuts as a kid than hamburgers.


4. My first real job was working for my parents at their Spudnut Shop.


5. When I got married I moved from the city to the farm.


6. I have attended more cow shows than movies.


7. I am the mother of six children.


8. My training as a registered nurse helped me raise those six to adulthood.


9. Riding my cruiser bicycle is a link to childhood that I still enjoy.


10. I wrote my first book when I was 40 years old. (A midlife crisis?)


11. I  enjoy traveling.


12. I have visited all but two of the fifty states. Now, how many countries are there?


13.I love to work and play with my grandchildren. They are my muse.

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