Coming for the 2015 Christmas Season

To eight year old Luke, Christmas Wonders is just another confusing aspect of his new home. Described as something you see, hear, smell, touch or feel that reminds you of Christmas, the tradition is irrelevant to a boy raised by his morose father with no Christmas memories.

Started by Lina, the girl who twenty years prior lived in the apartment where Luke now lives, Christmas Wonders has become an essential part of the town's celebration. Some claim it as a saving grace and, "have a wonder filled Christmas" is the greeting of choice for shop owners and customers alike.

Upon finding his mother's figurine, Luke experiences his first Christmas Wonder. For, unlike the town nativity where the babe lies in a manger, the figurine of the precious child cuddled in Mary's arms feels right to him.

Luke's Wonder becomes the catalyst for a series of events which culminate on Christmas morning when the people in his new hometown share an unforgettable Wonder.

Christmas Wonders